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Modernizing Elections...

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Why ePollBooks?

Designed by the team that empowered one of the largest counties in the largest election in US history, ePollBooks was developed from the ground up to provide a proven, secure and integrated electronic pollbook solution for modernizing the election and voter check-in process.

ePollBooks iPad App
Simple to Use

Beautifully designed, Elegantly simple and Masterfully created using Apple’s latest IOS Technology and Security app platform for providing the fastest and most reliable multi-lingual voter check-in solution. Easy to train Clerks and Judges, fast and accurate ID Scans and Digital Signatures.

ePollBooks Portal
Realtime Election Management

The ePollBooks Portal provides realtime visual voter events such as Check-Ins, Mail Ballot Statuses, Devices, GPS locations, Polling Locations plus Full Management of elections including creating Ballot Styles, Re-qualifying Voters, Managing Provisionals, Messaging and more…

Realtime Systems Integration and Reporting

Full Integration providing realtime flow of information to the system of record. ePollBooks is designed to support election setup, same day registration and voter eligibility updates during elections and realtime voter history for reporting. All communication using highest levels of encryption and security controls.

ePollBooks provides data encryption at all levels during the storage and communication process. On the iPad, ePollBooks uses Apples advanced data encryption containers to store data locally. Each connection is individually authenticated and encrypted with TLS. Each Data Packet is additionally encrypted before transfer and is verified using Hash technology so that data cannot be changed. On receipt, data is verified, repackaged and stored in Databases built on top of encryption storage containers using both AWS, Azure or On Premise solutions. All digital signature files are encrypted during transfer and stored in encrypted containers using AWS S3, Azure Secure Containers or On Premise BitLocker Secure Drives. We take security very seriously!

ePollBooks provides both Precinct and Vote Center modes for conducting an election. On Vote Center Mode, Wait Times feature is available to let voters know of best wait times of polling locations around the county. Since all data flows securely, all additions and or updates to Voter Registration takes two minutes to sync from the county systems to the ePollBooks. This allows election officials to add or correct registrations in realtime while the voter is waiting at the polls.

Are you still using paper to keep track of your Pollworkers? ePollBooks knows the amount of time that goes into tracking Pollworker, Clerk, Judges and Students time while working elections. The ePollBooks Time and Attendance Tracker allows efficient registration and tracking of the pollworkers time right on the iPad. It records their registration, In and Out times and through ePollBooks Portal, election administrators are able to search, sort, consolidate pollworker hours efficiently and with flexible formatting to send to HR or Payroll easily with an approval.

ePollBooks Portal is also a Progressive Web App (PWA) deploying the latest authentication and security with 2 Factor Authentication and Encryption so that election administrators can keep track of election details and counts either from their desktops or while they are out providing election updates to the media. With enhanced password security and multi-verification processes along with multi-level encryption, ePollBooks provides top of mind data and dashboards associated to the different election roles so the right people can get the right information at the right time.

ePollBooks includes Voter Outreach Alerts SMS Platform allowing county Election Administrators and Clerks to provide additional communication to voters. Alerts can be scheduled and pre-defined so they go out like clockwork. If there is a polling location that has an issue, not a problem, just inform your voters of the nearest working location. Supports Templates, Scheduled sends, Short code signups and more.


ePollBooks has been battleground tested in multiple types of election scenarios, from General to Special and Primary to Runoff and Primary Runoffs even while concurrent while in the same county! Support for Precinct based voting and Vote Centers with realtime connection stats at polling locations. For Vote Centers, public wait times to voters allow voters to go to the most convenient and quickest locations. Additional features are below.

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  • All Election Types Supported – General, Primary, Runoff, Special
  • Election Day, Early Voting, Training and Demo Modes
  • Support for Concurrent Elections in same County
  • Precinct and Vote Centers based Voting
  • Same Day Registrations
  • Wait Times Public App for voters with Voter Center Counties
  • Automatic Driver License Barcode Scan
  • Voter Info Entry Search with Advanced Search
  • Fast Search Algorithm – History, Mail Ballots, Re-qualifications, etc.
  • VEMACS (Votec) Data Management and Integration
  • Mail Ballot Status and Support, Surrender and more
  • Integration with Hart and ESS voting systems
  • Print Driving Map Feature
  • Admin Section for Judges
  • Capture Voter Interpreter & Assistance Contacts and Signatures
  • iPad Device Management including Power, Geo location, Sync status
  • ePollBooks Portal Visualization for realtime stats as they happen
  • Robust Encryption security at every communication point
  • Airdrop Sync Encrypted (iPad to iPad) with limited connectivity at location
  • Offline check-in without connections with connectivity notifications
  • Integrated Election Worker Timesheets Solution
  • Clock In/Out, Integration with time tracking system
  • Digital Signatures Sync to Secured S3 or Data Container Cloud Storage
  • Election Countdown
  • Ballot Access/Barcode – 1D / 2D
  • Paper ballot support – ESS
  • Data Security and Integrity
  • iPad Message communication to Polling Locations and Clerks
  • Election Setup, Voter Role Upload
  • Real Time Visualization, Management
  • Robust Reporting
  • Enterprise IOS App Distribution

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